We have a major concert (2 performances) at the end of year and ALL students are expected to participate.
Performance Rehearsals are compulsory.
Notes will be sent out prior to performances.
To be fair to the other children, should your child be unable to perform on the day, please let me know as soon as possible to enable changes to be made.

EVERY student should have a box, basket or bag with the following essentials:

· Bobby Pins, Bun Pins & Hair nets (if required)
· Safety pins
· Hair Elastics & Brush/Comb
· Hand Mirror
· Tissues
· Towel & Water bottle
· Spare tights (older students)

Stage lighting is used so heavier make-up is required
· Pancake or Dark Foundation
· Eyeliner & Eyeshadow
· Blush
· Mascara (False eyelashes may be worn by Teens and Adults)
· Red/Dark Pink Lipstick
(No fake tattoos, no jewellery or watches!)

· Bring LABELLED costume on LABELLED coat-hanger (make a list so you don’t forget anything)
· LABELLED shoes must be painted or cleaned

A small fee will apply to these costumes.
Costumes to be checked-in before leaving the hall, or else a late fee will apply.

BEHAVIOUR (as expected in any on-stage performance)
It is very important that there is NO talking whatsoever backstage.
Dressing rooms must be left clean and tidy. No food allowed